The English arrived in Kerala, taking the Dutch and The Portuguese aback.
Thus the land of Kerala became the battlefield of the European powers.

The English in Kerala coasts

What was expected took place. The fleet of the English East India Company came over Kozhikode taking by surprise the Portuguese and the Dutch. With the permission given to the English East India Company to erect a fortress in Surat by the Mughal emperor Jahangir in the beginning of 1613, the British had their lucky stars rose in the horizons of India. During the period the Dutch established factories in different parts of India. Even though the Portuguese and the Dutch pined simultaneously that the British should not land in Kerala, a fleet reached at Kozhikode under the leadership of Captain Keeling.

English East India Company
Sir Thomas Roe

The Zamorin promised more concessions to the English East India Company than that were given to the Dutch. He even agreed to hand over the fort of Kodungalloor to the British if it was seized from the Portuguese. The Zamorin and Keeling signed trade agreement after which the British fleet returned leaving a few men to erect factories at Kozhikode and Ponnani.

Thus the Zamorin was in anticipation of the help from both the Dutch and the British to drive the Portuguese out from the coasts of Kerala.